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VA. Cannabis Expo
& Medgrow Farm

Virginias premier Legal Home-Grow and National Hemp Competition! 

Including some "first ever" categories!

Do you have what it takes to claim best product(s) and all the bragging rights in our competitive categories.

Category submissions open to First time Growers* and Professional Growers. Plus, the first ever mixed ratio categories for both flower and products. This is a Judged National Hemp Competition as well as a Judged Virginia Legal Home-growers event. There is a category for you!

-   WHEN: APRIL 4/16/22


*See map below for proper directions






*You do not have to be at the event to enter competition.

Winners will be announced through live video stream the day of event. *More details on this soon. 

No upcoming events at the moment
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Vendor and Sponsor forms

Anyone who knows VCE events knows it's a good time. Its filled with quality Vendors, Naturalistic settings, really good food, People and music. Our vision is different, our Vendors are curated, and our Sponsorship opportunities are always custom. We strive to build relationships that work but also last, well into the future.


Looking for sponsorship opportunities for a really cool and Legally permitted event. The Medgrow Summit 2022 Is a Virginia based Local Event as well as the platform for our National hemp competition with some new trail blazing categories. It will have a broad reach across our Country. We custom build sponsorship packages to fit your budget. Sponsor benefit packages include a bunch of our standard perks along with custom packages designed for your company. No time for all that? We offer several tiered packages ready to go as well. We work with you to deliver the perfect solution. Local and National sponsorship opportunities available in Digital, web and print. Click the button below, fill out a short form and our sponsorship Coordinator will contact you.


This is a great opportunity to showcase your work and/or products in front of many consumers as well as the numerous businesses that will roll through that day. There is lots of room to setup and Food trucks will have easy accessibility. If you are a booth with hemp related Arts/Crafts, Legal Cannabinoid inspired foods, tinctures, topicals and products, beverages, pet products, interesting Clothing, pop culture or vintage items and/or generally a happy person who would love to vend and be part of something awesome, hit that Vendor button below. 

*This is a legally permitted event and there will be NO illegal sales permitted on the grounds. National and local hemp products as well as Va. Legal home-grow samples will be judged prior to event by a panel of experts in their field. The winners will be announced the day of event with a live broadcast. This competition will include the first ever category specifically for mixed cannabinoid ratios. This will be a trailblazing event which highlights and showcases what Human passion can do! You will not want to miss this!



Entry forms for Hemp flower

HEMP FLOWER Entries; This is a National CompetitionFlower entrants can ship hemp flower to us as long as it includes a COA with a less than 0.3% delta 9 level and below 1% total thc. The COA must be from post-harvest, dried and cured flower and from the same flower being entered. Please no COA from a pre harvest field test unless its relevant to the marketing. Entrant's name or name of business need to match COA. COA's will be required for all hemp flower entries. We want to market your product locally as well as nationally so lets make sure its legal and legit. Flower entries that make it past evaluations will be tested by our sponsored Lab Partners.

*First time Growers; We have a competition just for you! Requirements are you must be growing cannabis 1yr or less and/or have no more than 4 harvests under your belt. This is being judged differently and separately from the main competition. You will be competing against other "Noobies" for bragging rights, cool prizes, respect, but most importantly you'll be entering because you want to learn, grow and be able to produce the best possible medicine in the cleanest most ecconomical way. Something we should all strive for. Plus there are cool prizes and shwagg.

*ALL GROWERS; MUST HAVE GROWN THE FLOWER YOURSELF OR YOUR TEAM or COMPANY and MUST STAND BY YOUR PRODUCT. You must have grown it or have been directly involved in the growing of it. We want to highlight all the talented growers and be able to share your fruits of your labor. See how your harvest stacks up against other growers from all around the country. The panel of Judges for all categories are experts in their field.



Entry form for Hemp derived products

Retailers want and need quality products from reputable producers. This is a competition which will showcase the most quality local and National hemp derived products for consumers, retailers and potential wholesalers. The entry form awaits below.

Concentrates, edibles, vape carts, distillates, rosins, shatters, drinks, gummies, soft gels, fortified/infused enhanced flowers, pre rolls, skin care, topicals, tinctures or any other legal hemp derived products you ingest, smoke or apply. Home-made or factory made, whether psychoactive or not.

(All hemp category entries must test below 0.3% delta 9 thc with a maximum "total thc" level 1%)

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Pre-Submission form for Va. legal home grow entries



You must have grown or have been directly involved in the growing. It must have been legally cultivated. Entries open to Virginia residents only. We want to highlight all the talented growers in Virginia and be able to grade the fruits of your labor. 

See how your harvest stacks up against other Virginia growers.

The panel of Judges for all categories are experts in their field. No illegal sales.

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