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What we do at Medgrow farm

We develop and refine CBD hemp genetics to grow Artisan flower for the boutique smokables market. We also work with growers who share our same vision for the plant. We supply unique top shelf genetics that perform exceptionally well in their intended environment. Our plants are Organically grown and morally cultivated and our flower is grown for the connoisseur who appreciates a fine final product. 


We grow small batch, smokable cannabinoid rich hemp flower on the Inner banks coast of north east NC. Hand harvested, trimmed and slow cured for the connoisseur. Every bud we grow is individually nurtured, delicately handled and grown with organic methods. 


We use our extensive and diverse hemp genetic stock to produce high cannabinoid producing hemp strains dominate in CBD, CBG, CBDV and soon the THCV. We also test other breeders hemp strains to see how they perform in a humid region. The south east coast is a very humid region so we incorporate resilience to these conditions when breeding and selecting​. Most of our strains we have selected or have bred are hearty in humid regions. 


From confections to tinctures, all of our products from all our brands use cannabinoid rich recipes which utilize high quality distillates and isolate combinations to create a very medical and federally legal product for those interested in vape products, edibles any many others. We also manufacture wholesale for other brands looking to just package and brand a quality product.

Take a look around and get in touch with us if you are a grower, retailer, store owner, consumer and anyone else, we would love to chat. medgrowfarm@gmail.com

Thank you for checking us out and be well. 



Cannabinoid rich hemp genetics bred with purpose and passion.

Our hemp genetics have been collected and created from several different and unique sources. Our time and effort has been put into every bean. For the 2021 season one of our series is our Pheno hunt series collection. It is a collection of unique hemp genetics that have their own purpose and background story. For those who enjoy Pheno hunting or selecting their own strain to call their own, this collection is for you. Open source genetics to potentially start your own seed company or create the newest hottest strain. 

For those not looking to Pheno hunt and test and go through the standard process

we have our CRUNCHBERRY variety. Very hardy, big, bushy, consistent and very floral.

For the 2022 season we have our highly anticipated feminized release

of our most worked on projects.

More details coming fall 2021. 



Quality apparel to show your love of the plant