Foggy Goggle; Amnesia Haze auto x Auto-Pilot 1.0

Amnesia Haze Auto Lineage; The Amnesia Haze used for this cross is the Auto flowering keepers from my initial 1st round BlackTie project. I had to breed with Red Baron to get me the pollen i needed to start selecting for auto traits while keeping the lemony pinesol new shoe smells of the haze which brought it to F4. 


Auto-Pilot Lineage; Auto-Pilot is a very stable autoflower and a perfect backbone to auto flowering projects. It is consistant and well documented all over the world. From 100 ft away they reek of oldschool skunky goodness but as you walk closer the smell changes to a fruity floral sweetness, its interesting.


*Breeder notes; Although both parents were Auto flower there might be a good chance a few photoperiods pop up. They most likely will be early/mid season plants and grow very quick....which could be interesting.

Expect lemony, pinesole new shoe smells from haze along with fruity floral skunky dankness from auto pilot. 



Foggy Goggle

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