Spec-Dog; Spectrum 11 x Chemdog cbd 


Chemdog cbd; The chemdog used was extremely dank, cheese, gym sock stinky chemy fuelly funk. I took the best regular non-auto chem and mothered it out for our genetic library and dubbed her "Chemdog cbd" This is the Chemdog used for this Spec-Dog cross and is my absolute favorite strains we have, very narcotic and creates amazing crosses.  The Spectrum 11 used was a very strong Male. 


Spectrum Lineage; Im not sure the total history of the known "Spectrum" hemp variety and its true origin and who actually refined it into a high cbd variety but i do know a little history behind the Spectrum11 that i have been working with for the past several years. The Spectrum 11 i have was given to me from a friend who knew this Scientist farmer in and around the research triangle area of North Carolina. In 2014 this Scientist Farmer worked for a well known NC University in Hemp research developing cannabinoid heavy varieties to be studied by big pharma. This is all prior to 2018 Federal Legalization farm act and just after the 2014 farm bill passed. Hemp pilot programs begun in certain states. Spectrum 11 (east coast) as i was told was developed to produce useable amounts of minor cannabinoids as well as cbd for research. There is a mystery to the number 11 though and what it actually means. One story is that it is a F11. Another story is that it stands for the number of detectable cannabinoids in it making it full spectrum and hence the name Spectrum11, which is the story i lean towards after seeing lab results. There are several "Spectrum" strains out there, im not sure if they are all related, There has been a spectrum strain in Colorado for years now and have heard several times it was developed in Colorado but i know that the Spectrum 11 (that i have) is an east coast strain developed in NC and has done wonders for farmers and is the go to strain for humid regions...so the story goes. The spectrum 11 has a decent track record in NC. Spectrum was/is the East coast humid regions go-to strain for biomass at one point and possibly still might? There is a good amount of available research on this strains farmability. 

After working with it for a while now i know its not an F11 because it is not by any means uniform for a F11, actually the opposite. I have spectrum bushes, towering trees, some turn purple, others not, some smell like a bowl of the ripest berries and fruit and some smell like pungent sweet sour citrus pancakes? you could pheno hunt this spectrum for a while. Nonetheless it was one of my first "farmable" compliant varieties to mess with. I still have the Original seeds given to me as well as F1's that i made from those and F2's from that. Huge variety in the F2 but i dont have many as the one female i chose for the F2 line had almost zero pistils/hairs. (@medgrowfarm on IG for pics) lots of calyxs but no hairs. I only have a very small amount of those F2s. I did however grow a few F2s out and i really cant wait to get into it as theres some really cool variety to hunt with nice terpenes. Cant wait to see what others find in this series crosses as both parents were diggity dank! 


*Breeder notes; Going to be some heat in these ones as well. Please note that testing must be done if your hunting for compliancy.  Expect some great terpenes of varied levels between sweet and sour, rotten and ripe, dirty gym socks and new shoe smells. Expect some phenos to be bushes with smaller round purple/lavender buds from the spectrum as well as wide leafed super rank dankness from the Chemdog cbd.  Good Luck and enjoy ; )


Ya never know maybe in 3 yrs theyll be 25 different varieties all stemmed from this pheno hunt release. 


Spec-Dog 10pk

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