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Welcome to Medgrow Farm

Craft Cannabis Hemp

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What we do at Medgrow farm

We develop and refine CBD hemp genetics to grow Artisan flower for the boutique smokables market. Our plants are Organically grown and morally cultivated. Our flower is grown for the connoisseur who appreciates a fine product.  


We grow and sell Artisan, small batch, smokable CBD flower on the Inner banks coast in beautiful Edenton NC. Hand harvested, trimmed and slow cured for the connoisseur. Every bud we grow is individually nurtured, delicately handled and grown with organic methods. 


We use our extensive and diverse genetic stock to produce high cannabinoid producing hemp strains. We also selectively breed, test and make small batch hemp seed. North east North Carolina coast is a humid region so we incorporate resilience to our conditions when breeding​. 

Take a look around and get in touch with us if you have any questiions. Be well and enjoy!