Genetics packed with potential

Welcome to the pheno-hunt series offerings. We have a collection of genetics we have been working with through the years. This offering is for pheno hunting enthusiasts. Our "pheno-hunt" series contain some serious genetics. Easy and quick to grow. All of our "pheno hunt" series seeds are available to use however you choose,Open Source. Use our genetic stock and R&D reserves to find and develop that unique strain to call your own. Keep it going and refine it.   

In this seed pack series you will be able to pheno-hunt from our genetic lineage. We have already found so many unique crosses and phenotypes that we have plenty of R&D to keep us going for a long time. Hopefully, We all can build a community and pheno hunt hybrids together through this series!

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Pheno-Hunt Series Line-up

-Chem Trail Series;  - ChemTrail - Cherry ChemTrail - ChemTrail Haze -

-ZIP Series;  - Dum Dums - Cherry Herer - Cosmic Fuel -

-Spec Series;  - Spec-Ops - SpecDog -

-Red Baron Series;  - Red Baron F1 -  Red Baron F2  -

-Discovery series;  - Foggy Goggle  -  Horizon  -  Fighter Pilot  -  Red Dog  -