Chem-trail;  Chem dog auto cbd x Auto-pilot 1.0


The chemdog; extremely stinky cheese, gym sock stinky chemy fuelly funk. I took the best regular chemdog from Black-Tie and mothered it out for our genetic library. I took the 3 auto fems and pollinated them with a Red Baron f2 auto male (Red Baron = Cherry fuel reg x auto pilot, which was an f2 auto). From those seeds i started the cubing process and chose repeatedly for Auto traits and that specific certain stink of the chem. I got it to an f4 eliminating any and all cherry traces before finding the strong stud male and crossing it with a feminized Auto-Pilot. This Chem-trail offering is an F1 and you will find sweet fruity skunk from the Auto-pilot and that cheesy funk fuelly stank of the chemdog varying throughout the population. Create an F2 line with these and youll have even more pheno hunting options. 


*lucky pheno hunters will find possible lavander colored pheno, dark purple pheno (cold induced), cheesy gym sock funk terpenes from chemdog, sweet fruity sandlewoodsy melon terps from auto pilot and whatever can be mashed up in between. Some could be dwarfs but rare, finished height is between 2-4ft and super crystally. light fluffy buds under 12/12 so keep the light long and bright for more compact structure. I have noticed that this line has extremely good frost, humidity and pest resistance. I did several tests and they are very hardy in outdoor enviornments in pots. PM resistance seems to be higher than average.


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