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What we do at Medgrow farm

We develop and refine cannabinoid rich hemp genetics in Northeast NC and Southern Coastal Virginia so growers & Breeders can crush their game. We also work with growers who share our same vision for the plant. Our seeds contain top shelf genetics bred for craft growers who produce top quality smokable flower. Our strains are hearty, resilient, exotic, terpene rich just waiting to be grown out. We offer many varieties; Feminized, Regular, Auto flowering/day neutral, photoperiod, pheno-hunt series and much more. 


As Growers we strive to produce the best smokable cannabinoid rich hemp flower. Hand harvested, trimmed and slow cured for the connoisseur. Every bud we grow is individually nurtured, delicately handled and grown with organic methods. 


We use our extensive and diverse genetic stock to produce high resin producing strains in an array of cannabinoids. We breed for mold/high humidity resilience. The south-east coast is a very humid region, we select for resilience to these conditions when breeding or selecting our strains​. Indoor, greenhouse and outdoor breeding.


We have a line of products available to customers, retail shops and stores at wholesale prices. Contact us to discuss how our business can work with you.


Our website takes Credit/debit through our secure server. 

 we can also invoice you (to be paid within 48hrs). 

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