Cherry Chem-trail;  Red dog x Auto-pilot 1.0


The chemdog is extremely stinky cheese, gym sock stinky, chemy fuelly funk and very much unique. It also had some of the best therapeutics i have ever experienced from hemp. I took her to full cure and was amazing bud to toke.  Its a chemy, fuelly sour cheesy cherry sweet stank that i had to take the long way around to breed because i wanted to keep that unique terpene profile and i only had females to work with . 


*lots of different flavor profiles to pheno hunt in this offering, similar growth, some shorter some taller but between 2-4ft growth. 

*These seeds are for pheno hunting and claiming your own strain to do what you will with. They are by no means seed to directly run without testing prior to selecting as the cannabinoid levels will vary. 

*Mostly auto-flowering but There might be a few varried populations of photoperiodic and day nuetral types. anything found should be fire, photo or auto. The photos will be quicker finishers due to the auto quick growing traits.




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