Cosmic fuel;  Cherry fuel x Mothership #2


Cherry Fuel Lineage;

Select original high CBD Colorado Cherry deep dark cherry cough syrup astringent fuel, but there was one that was just so potent it stood out from the rest. The smell would linger on your face for hours. I selected her and a more branchy strong stinkiest male to start a new future together. 


Mothership #2  Black-Tie cbd Mothership#2 pheno


Cherry fuel x Mothership #2 was named "Cosmic Fuel"  ;)  There were a few phenos in this one but i only selected  most unique. I did not refine the Mothership#2.  There is most likely a percentage of recessive auto traits that may come out on the f2 if you were to open pollinate these F1 offerings. I know there are some fireworks to let loose in these packs! 


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Cosmic fuel 10pk

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