Chem-trail haze;  Chem-trail x Amnesia Haze Auto


The Amnesia Haze; All plants had similar terpenes of pinesol, new shoe or straight shoe store, and bowls of rotten lemons...and all of those were very very loud! Amazing smelling plant. 


After making the Chem-Trail (visit chem-trail lineage for description) I took a strong Chem-Trail male and polinated it with the Amnesia haze auto i sprouted. 


*lucky pheno hunters will find possible lavander colored pheno, dark purple pheno (cold induced), Super lemony, new shoe, pinesol terpenes from the Amnesia haze and the cheesy fuelly funk x fruity skunk from auto-pilot.  Finished height is between 2-4ft and super crystally. Light fluffy buds under 12/12 so keep the light long and bright for more compact structure. I have noticed that this line has extremely good frost, humidity and pest resistance. I did several tests and they are very hardy in outdoor enviornments in pots. PM resistance seems above average and i had no issues grown outdoors in cold wet conditions. 


*Sow seeds in the pot it will finish in. using 1 gal will be smaller plant, bigger pot= bigger plants. Once the roots hit side wall it can trigger early bloom. Do not transplant, too risky unless you want a 8" nug on a stick...which is pretty cool.




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