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Chem-trail haze;

Chem-trail CBD auto

x Amnesia Haze CBD Auto


Amnesia Haze; terpenes of pinesol, new shoe or shoe store, and bowls of rotten lemons...and all of those were very very loud! Amazing smelling plant.


After making the Chem-Trail (visit chem-trail lineage for description) I took a strong Chem-Trail male and pollinated it with the Amnesia haze auto.


*lucky pheno hunters will find possible lavender colored pheno, dark purple pheno (cold induced), Super lemony, new shoe, pinesol terpenes from the Amnesia haze and the cheesy fuely funk x fruity skunk from auto-pilot. Finished height is between 2-4ft and super frosty. Light fluffy buds under 12/12 so keep the light long and bright for more compact structure. I have noticed that this line has extremely good frost, humidity and pest resistance. I did several tests and they are very hardy in outdoor environments in pots. PM resistance seems above average and i had no issues grown outdoors in cold wet conditions.


*Sow seeds in the pot it will finish in. using 1 gal will be smaller plant, bigger pot= bigger plants. Once the roots hit side wall it can trigger early bloom. Do not transplant, too risky unless you want a 8" nug on a stick...which is sort of interesting..


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