FIGHTER PILOT; Jack Herer photoperiod male x Auto-Pilot 1.0


Jack Herer cbd Lineage; Jack Herer was from my 2nd round bagseed project where i found 5 seeds in an ounce of retail Jack Herer cbd flower from BlackTie. I did similar approach as i did with the chemdog in the first round bagseed project, where i seperated the auto/reg lines but in this case i focused on the photoperiod ones as they were so Dankalicious. The Jack bagseed however was the only one that gave me no autos and a male. The jack pheno i selected and grew was not that spicy, earthy, somewhat potpouri-ish earthyness we all know from the thc version.  Nonetheless it was dank and one interesting note was how "fuzzy" the leaves and stems were, in veg fuzzy white hairs and leaves so soft like velvet to the touch. I saw/felt this on other hemp before and its wild. 


Auto-Pilot Lineage; Auto-Pilot in my opinion is one of the most stable autoflowers on the market. It is consistant and the effort shows when you grow 1000 plants from seed and they all look like they were clones they so uniform. Nice nose of the auto-pilot too. from 100 ft away they reek of oldschool skunky goodness but as you walk closer the smell changes to a fruity floral sweetness, its interesting. Not super high cbd levels and a tendency to go hot over 10% cbd and probably one of the reasons it never caught on as smokable options, although numerous attempts it always found its way to the discount section for some reason. Nonetheless i set out to change with these crosses. If theres anything the auto-pilot could give to a cross it would be its consistancy, stabilization, quick growth and sturdy structure. If theres ever an autoflower to use for breeding it would be the auto-pilot. plus its a time tested variety grown all over the world now. 

*Visit their website and IG for more info on them as a company. I knew the breeder before they were HiLo seed co and operating under Specialty seed co. 



*Breeder notes; keep in mind just because there were no auto flowering traits in the Jack Herer bagseed doesnt meen thee isnt autoflowering recessive traits in there somewhere. You might get a few autos even though its an auto x photoF1. Its always a possibiltiy when working with strains of murky background. Thats why we hunt for what we want!



Fighter Pilot

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