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FIGHTER PILOT; Jack Herer photoperiod male x Auto-Pilot 1.0
Jack Herer cbd Lineage; Large growing plant. The jack pheno i selected and grew from BlackTie was not that spicy, earthy, somewhat potpouri-ish earthyness we all know from the thc version. It was more smooth and fresh with notes of cammomile, sandlewood, pine, and some sweetness.  Nonetheless it was dank and one interesting note was how "fuzzy" the leaves and stems were, in veg fuzzy white hairs and leaves so soft like velvet to the touch. I saw/felt this on other hemp before and its wild and i want to capture it ;) 
Auto-Pilot Lineage; Auto-Pilot consistant and has a good well documented track record being grown all over the world in many enviornments. From 100 ft away they reek of oldschool skunky goodness but as you walk closer the smell changes to a fruity floral sweetness, its interesting.
*Breeder notes; keep in mind there were no auto flowering traits in the Jack Herer pheno i used but that doesnt meen there isnt autoflowering recessive traits in there somewhere. You might get a few autos even though its an auto x photoF1. Its always a possibiltiy when working with strains of murky background.

Fighter Pilot

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