RED DOG; Red Baron F1 x Chemdog auto

(Red Baron = Cherry fuel x Auto-Pilot 1.0)


Cherry Fuel; Our specially selected and backcrossed original colorado cherry selected for its pungent cherry cough syrup fuellyness and dankness. F4 was used in this cross


Auto-Pilot Lineage; Auto-Pilot in my opinion is one of the most stable autoflowers on the market. It is consistant and the effort put forth in breeding shows when you grow 1000 plants from seed and they all look like they were clones theyre so uniform. Nice nose of the auto-pilot too. from 100 ft away they reek of oldschool skunky goodness but as you walk closer the smell changes to a fruity floral sweetness, its interesting. Not super high cbd levels and a tendency to go hot over 10% cbda.

*Visit their website and IG @hiloseedco for more info on them as a company. 


Chemdog Auto;  was sourced from a retail ounce of BlackTie chemdog in 2018.  6 seeds were found, 5 sprouted, 3 were auto and 2 were regular. All five were extremely stank cheese, gym sock stinky chemy fuelly funk. I took the best regular chem and mothered it out for our genetic library. I took a Chemdog auto female and pollinated her with a Red Baron f1 male (Red Baron = Cherry fuel reg x auto pilot) to create this Red Dog offering.


*Breeder notes; I included this in the auto flowering category as well due to it having 25% or more auto flower genetics. Pheno hunting, selecting and backcrossing all found autos will result in auto dominance in only a few quick generations. You will find sweet fruity skunk from the Auto-pilot and that cheesy funk fuelly stank of the chemdog varying throughout the population as well as that cherry fuel flavor possibly. Create an F2 line with these and youll have a wild hunting adventure or just simply select and backcrossyour favorite pheno.



Red Dog

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