12 seeds
HORIZON; Red Baron F1 x Amnesia Haze auto F4
(Red Baron = Cherry fuel x Auto-pilot 1.0)
Cherry Fuel Lineage; Select original Colorado Cherry cbd seeds given to me by one of the Breeders of HiLo seed co. before they were HiLo seed Co. He gave me about 20 seeds. I planted 10 and from that i had 5 females 5 males. The girls all smelled like deep dark cherry cough syrup astringent fuel, but there was one that was just so potent it stood out from the rest. The smell would linger on your face for hours. I selected her and a more branchy strong stinkiest male to start the new future together as Cherry Fuel.
Auto-Pilot Lineage; Auto-Pilot 1.0 is a very stable, well bred plant.  Perfect foundation for breeding Autos. From 100 ft away they reek of oldschool skunky goodness but as you walk closer the smell changes to a fruity floral sweetness, its interesting. Very well documented variety grown all over the world in almost every climate. One of the original Autos produced for biomass.
Amnesia Haze Auto Lineage; The Amnesia Haze used for this cross is the Auto flowering keepers from my initial 1st round BlackTie project. I had to breed with Red Baron to get me the pollen i needed to start selecting for auto traits while keeping the lemony pinesol new shoe smells of the haze. After that I took the Amnesia Haze auto to F4. Both Amnesia haze auto and chemdog auto were from my first round pheno hunt project auto keepers and i took those both separately to f4's using Red Baron f2 auto selection.
*Breeder notes; You will find a varying mix of phenos, autos, photos, flavors,  growth structure etc. Horizons is a (Photo x Auto) x Auto
Expect pretty awesome terp filled autos or fasyt growing dank photoperiodic plants with an array of flavors and smells from lemony, pinesole new shoe smells from the haze along with fruity floral skunky dankness from auto pilot as well as heavy cherry fuel from none other than the cherry fuel. A pheno hunters/new seed company goldmine.


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