Cherry Herer;  Cherry fuel x Black Tie Jack Herer 


Cherry Fuel Lineage;

Select original Colorado Cherry cbd seeds given to me by one of the Breeders of HiLo seed co. before they were HiLo seed Co. We were introduced to each other through the owner of the local bar because we were the "weed" guys and he thought we should meet. After several run-ins, meetups and drinks throughout the season, and many talks about the ganja, he selected from his private stash the original colorado cherry for my type ll project i wanted to start. This was 2018 and very shortly after federal legalization. I never got around to the type ll project because after growing the Cherry and being it was my first "real" cbd genetics; it grew so dank you just wanted to finish her up, dry her out and toke her up. He gave me about 20 seeds. I planted 10 and from that i had 5 females 5 males. The girls all smelled like deep dark cherry cough syrup astringent fuel, but there was one that was just so potent it stood out from the rest. The smell would linger on your face for hours. I selected her and a more branchy strong stinkiest male to start a new future together. To be honest i dont actually remember how many times i selected and bred after might be an f4 but could be an f5. After my first selection F1, I selected and flowered for seed twice in one season outdoors for two seasons in a row. I started seed indoors in like january and triggered bloom indoors before i moved em out in march when the sun was still shorter. They were able to flower well enough to take pollen and rippen seed before the longer days triggered the vegative cycle in june. I then did another round of seed from that F1 in late july for the F2 and then repeated that the next season for F3 and F4...see i do remember.  Long story short....thats my Cherry fuel.


Jack Herer was from my 2nd round bagseed project where i found 5 seeds in an ounce of retail flower from BlackTie cbd. I did similar approach as i did with the chemdog in the first round bagseed project, where i seperated the auto/reg lines but in this case i focused on the photoperiod ones as they were so Dankalicious.  The Jack gave me no autos and no males. These seeds were also from new batches of flower BlackTie was offering and after growing the chem and haze from the first round bagseed project, i had to do a hunt for a round two. I bought three or more ounces and from that i found seeds in the bubblegum, Jack herer and Mothership #2, just like the customer reviews mentioned (about finding seeds). Just like much of everything else found in BlackTie bagseed, Some autos and photoperiods and all females. I took all the single best photoperiod females from this 2nd round bagseed project and pollinated them with my Cherry fuel male f4. these three crosses ive dubbed my "zip series".  They are Dum Dums, Cherry Herer and Cosmic fuel all with the same cherry fuel father


Cherry fuel x Jack Herer was named "Cherry Jack" because its Cherry and Jack ;) That was only one pheno and the only one i selected so theyre most likely others that are different. The Jack bagseed i have grown from this same stock/lot im selling and is an f1. I did not refine the Jack Herer bagseed or any of the photoperiod bagseed from round 2 besides the autos. I did however choose the best looking, smelling and performing ones to keep. There is most likely a percentage of recessive auto traits that may come out on the f2 if you were to open pollinate these F1's. They all were frosty and like all the bagseed, def nothing else available in seed form like this in 2018 unless you were the breeder working with BlackTie....Who Hands down has my respect for the dankest cbd bagseed i have ever found.  I am interested to see what others get from this series as i know there is some fire in these. 


Make sure you check out the other two from this ZIP series; Dum Dums and Cosmic fuel





Cherry Herer 10pk

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