Regular Female/male producing cbd hemp seed. We've taken our strong  branchy Berrywine male dubbed "Tom Danks" and mingled him with a super special, heavenly fruity creamy blueberry cheesecake smelling Berrywine female and dubbed this one Crunch berry for its similar smell to capt crunch's crunch berries cereal.


*This plant grows tall and strong with many side branches.  8-10ft tall in the field and 6-8 ft in a 15 gal pot in greenhouse. A perfect xmas tree! A nice featured plant to have. Produces well over 2 lbs+ in the field with no crowding. Harvests vary in pots depending on pot size. We recommend using stakes or some kind of support as these plants grow big, tall and wide. Our berry wine seeds produces huge thick buds gleaming with resin and loads of CBD, terpenes and minor cannabinoids. Some Phenos bloom a lavender/red in colder climates and the plant produces very nice terpenes.  Big buds too. Wish i had more pics of the flower but sorta was a back burner side project that delivered incredible results and lots of seeds that ended up being loud fire monsters.

Crunch Berry 20pk

SKU: Crunchberry20

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